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Interactive multi-sensory theatre for ages 2+

Suitable for PMLD, ASD, ADHD, VI, HI, Complex Health Needs, GDD, LD, SLCN, SPD, Down's Syndrome or children with Life Threatening/Limiting Condition - please discuss age appropriateness with us at time of booking

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[Open to families of children who are undiagnosed or in the process of applying for, an Education Health Care Plan, a Statement of Special Educational Need -if in doubt, please call us to discuss - 01372 278021]
Some free places available for families on Income Support or Income Related ESA

Some words of encouragement:

"I think it's hard to take the plunge because having a child with special needs is a bit of a shock to the system.  Because mostly you have to fight for them and they don't fit in with mainstream society you end up having  to be quite 'ballsy' - it's a habit you form and it's hard to break – whereas you 'guys' at Head2Head Theatre just 'get it' and accept it.  The performers work on so many levels that they appeal to a wide variety of needs (that's hard to convey without actually experiencing them) -  I can take my armour off the minute I arrive – not sure that what I said makes any sense but if it did, and I could explain that to other parents, I would gladly!

My only other observation  is that its thoroughly mentally and physically exhausting being a parent to a child with additional needs and you lose your fervour to try and trust new things.   I just know from own childhood how important cultural activities are;  what the theatre can bring to your imagination and life experience; so being able to share that with Luke in an accessible way means the world to me" [Sally-Anne Spooner]

"Totally interactive. Dressing up/waving a flag/becoming a character. The children (and adults) become part of the show but what’s brilliant is there is no pressure. They haven’t got to “perform” and can get involved as little or as much as they want. Also the child does not have to be at a certain ability level to be able to participate. It is literally accessible for all." [parent]

"A very enjoyable inclusive, interactive, imaginative and enjoyable event full of surprises and special touches.  The actors were warm, involving, approachable and very professional." [parent]