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About Us

Head2Head Sensory Theatre
[Registered Charity No. 1161873]

Serving the Special Needs' Community in London and SE England since 2006

"It’s a sad truth that very few of our theatres are easily accessible to those with physical disabilities. Even when the buildings themselves can accommodate them, the sensory overload of crowds and loud noises or the need to remain quiet make trips to the theatre impossible for many disabled children.  Yet the need to dream, hear and tell tales about the world is just as intense.  I’m delighted to be associated with Head2Head who have made it their mission to bring the theatre to those who cannot access it any other way. “ [Sally Phillips, actress & writer - Patron]

                                                                                                                      Samantha Renke, actress & disability campaigner - Patron

Inclusive and accessible for all ages and stages of development
[complex health needs, PMLD, ABI, VI, HI, SLCN, SPD, neurodevelopmental disorders]
Adjustable levels to suit the needs of all participants

  • We recognise that all children, young people and adults have unique abilities and ways of learning.
  • We offer flexible products that are based on interactive, sensory fun & stimulation through puppetry, rhyme, rhythm & repetition.
  • We cover the full range of P level targets (and above) and set a pace that will allow participants to enjoy, assimilate and comprehend at their own levels.
  • We work with a wide range and varied levels of disabilities including PMLD, complex health needs, ABI, VI, HI, Down's Syndrome, ASD, ADHD, neurodevelopmental disorders, SLCN, SPD.
  • Our actors are trained in Makaton signing and we provide pre-recorded voice output communication aids. 
  • We offer an Advance Pack to familiarise participants with images of characters plus Widgit symbol songs and storyline.
  • Term-time we work within Special Schools, Special Colleges, Respite Care Homes, etc.
  • We tour extensively throughout South London and SE England.
  • We offer half-day Short Breaks Provision for children/young people and their families during holiday periods.
  • Our professional actors and workshop facilitators are DBS checked and many hold certificates in Makaton, First Aid and Safeguarding.
  • We carry £10m Public Liability Insurance and have in place a Child Protection Policy.
Many teaching staff are happy to provide references.  Please contact us and we will put you in touch with someone from a similar or nearby school.  Here are a few general comments:
"Your sensory moments are built into the performance, not added on like many other companies"
The endless enthusiasm and energy of the actors kept the attention of my autistic child"
"You really understand the needs of our children"
"A huge thank you for today.  A lovely activity"
"Use of verse and rhyme an essential component"
"Intriguing use of sensory props"

Head2Head Sensory Theatre
15 Ralliwood Road
KT21 1DD

Tel/Fax: 01372 278021
Mobile: 07519 747 290